SVN Manager

At work, we have had a need to continually upgrade our plans on Subversion hosting. We eventually ended up using VisualSVN server. Since we were a small company and didn't need the enterprise stuff such as Active Directory we just used the community license. We did, however, want some of the automation built into the enterprise version. Since we primarily work in .NET anyway, I ended up writing a Windows service which would automate our backups and allow us to expose a web-based endpoint for creating repositories and users.

I've actually decided to open this up:

VisualSVN has changed their licensing and the Community license now only allows for 15 active users. That's fine for us for the time being but we could see ourselves eventually outgrowing that limit. This has led me to researching alternatives. For Windows-based organizations, the alternatives aren't plentiful. This is made even harder when you factor in that SVN itself is not found in binary form including the Apache modules. And it's next to impossible for someone new to the landscape to build it themselves. It took me months of looking off and on to find some downloads of the Windows binaries that actually had the modules. Without these, a final solution was lost before even getting started.

I'm hoping that by including links here that more people will be able to find them as well:

The eventual end-goal of the SVN Manager (snappy name to be determined later - open to ideas) is to rival VisualSVN Server in functionality and popularity and become the go-to for organizations of any size.