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Published: 3/11/2021

Transfer Domain From

The only constant in life is change. Sometimes we need to move on from one project to another.

We recently helped a client set up a new website. But her domain was at This presented some challenges:

  • First of all, their website doesn't provide any means to manage DNS
  • Their website also didn't provide any means of managing the domain itself
    • We couldn't unlock the domain
    • We couldn't request a transfer authorization code

I ended up needing to file a support request to ask them how to transfer the domain. There was no information online to be found. Hopefully this will help someone.

Based on my back and forth with them, here is what is required at the time of writing:

  • Written request with either your credentials (username/password - baaad practice, guys) or a code obtained from
  • Confirmation that payment details are up to date (they require a $15.00 domain reimbursement fee to allow you to transfer the domain away)
  • They will also ask you incessantly why you're leaving (though they are polite, they are very pushy)

Ideally if you are able to provide all of this from the start you should be able to get up and running fairly quickly.

Good luck!

About the Author

Adam is the lead developer at Manwaring Web Solutions. Programming since the age of 10, he taught himself HTML and basic CSS.